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It’s The Hot Dog’s World, We’re Just Living In It

And frank-ly we’re living. Grub Street says “The Best Bar Snack Is a Hot Dog”, WSJ have dubbed it “The ‘It’ Restaurant Order This Summer” and The Cut say “It’s Officially Hot Dog Season”. Account manager Imogen Laurie takes a look at the modern hot dog renaissance, just in time for National Hot Dog Day on July 17th.

In the ever-evolving world of food – from the cruffin to the caviar bump, to the cronut and the croffle – camera-popping trends are always on the menu. But amidst the platter of new-age eats, one classic comfort food is making a heroic comeback. In what is slated to be 2024’s biggest breakout star, this summer will mark the return of… 

The humble hot dog! Just in time for National Hot Dog Day on July 17th. 

Like every historic culinary icon, the origins of the banger are hotly debated, but it is said to have debuted in the late 19th century, when German immigrant Charles Feltman introduced sausages in buns at Coney Island to quickly feed the hungry crowds. Seemingly a mecca for the two ingredient meal, Coney Island then welcomed Nathan Handwerker, who boldly opened Nathan’s Famous, a nickel hot dog stand in 1916. It reshaped street food forever and the appetite for the dish quickly took hold across America.

From bustling city streets to backyard grills and football stadiums, today the dog has become a beloved symbol of quick, delicious satisfaction; now the perfect candidate for endless culinary creativity due to its versatile base and nostalgic international influence. 

One of the key drivers behind its newfound resurgence is the invention of gourmet iterations, with top chefs experimenting with artisanal breads, high quality meats, elevated condiments and OTT toppings. Think truffle-infused, bacon-wrapped wieners, gold leaf garnishes and pillowy-soft brioche buns. These elevated designs are transforming a once simple snack into a stand-up culinary delight.

In London this summer, chef Jason Atherton will launch Three Darlings and a Dog in Harrods Dining Hall, a new gourmet hot dog stand, serving dogs inspired by global classics, Koffman Fries, ice cream sundaes, Champagne and martinis. It will also serve a rotating, limited edition celebrity-endorsed sausage, with proceeds going to charity. 

Over in New York, Lillistar – the Brooklyn rooftop bar from the creators of Broken Shaker, atop The Moxy Williamsburg – is celebrating the classic with a new savory cocktail meant to evoke the nostalgic flavors of one of NYC’s most quintessential eats. The “Hot Doggin’ It” ($18) captures the essence of the dawg via Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, Lustau Vermut Blanco, tomato water, and mustard seed agave. Guests can double down with an actual hot dog served on a potato bun, with red cabbage and harissa aioli ($12).

Back to Coney Island, the original Nathan’s Famous is achieving its namesake fame with a truly outrageous creation: the “Ultimate Surf and Turf Dog.” This decadent take features a premium beef sausage topped with succulent lobster chunks, all drizzled with a rich garlic butter sauce and nestled in a brioche bun. This hot dog is further elevated with a sprinkle of gold leaf and a dash of caviar. It’s a luxurious twist that redefines the boundaries of traditional hot dogs and takes it to the next level.

These innovations couldn’t come at a better time. With Americans consuming 20 billion hot dogs annually and the global hot dog market forecasted to rise at a considerable rate between 2024 and 2031, there’s ample room for a market of gourmet twists and inventive new doggy designs. As street food evolves into a luxury experience, the beloved doggy dog is once again taking center stage in the culinary world.

Below you’ll find a hitlist of RHC’s top recommended picks to relish this National Hot Dog Day. Dogs up! 

The Rum House

Times Square – New York 

Hot Dog: Grass-fed all beef dog on a Martin’s potato bun ($10)

NoMad London

London, UK

Hot Dog: Bacon-wrapped sausage with black truffle and celery (£20)


Brooklyn, New York 

Chili Dog: Chili, cheese sauce, onion and jalepeño ($9)

Bar Bastion

Midtown, New York

The Road Dog features a wild boar sausage, bacon and onion jam. ($14)


Brooklyn, New York

Hot Doggin It – hot dog cocktail made with Vida, Lustau Vermut, tomato water, and house-made mustard seed agave and a hot dog, which is served on a potato bun with harissa aioli, and red cabbage ($18)