Lauren Webster on London’s Hospitality Scene

We may be a touch biased, but London has one of the world's most exciting hospitality and travel scenes.

We may be a touch biased, but London has one of the world’s most exciting hospitality and travel scenes. The New York Times marked it as the number one destination for 2023, don’t you know? Lauren Webster, Managing Partner of RHC UK, shares her favorite spots, what she’s drinking, and a few travel tips.

How would you describe London in a nutshell?

‘A city of villages’ – I’m a Northern girl from the countryside, and when I first moved to London, it seemed so vast and expansive, but it’s a load of little villages filled with their own character and history. Everyone has their pocket of London and is very protective of it, letting it shape their identity almost – let’s go for a drink, and I’ll explain why the West is best.

What is your favorite music, and what drink goes with it?

I’m a massive (and unapologetic) Taylor Swift fan (too vain to refer to myself as a Swiftie, however), so an Old Fashioned (with Never Say Die Bourbon, naturally) would sit nicely with that. However, I’m also in my Cosmo era, so I’ll listen to whatever you think goes with that. 

Find Stu Hudson, currently at The Lowdown in Covent Garden, and ask him for one. I won’t give away all his secrets, but it involves raspberries in the shaker, and you won’t look back. 

What was the last restaurant you visited, and what was your order?

Not a restaurant per see, but the food comes out of the amazing NoMad main kitchen, so I’m counting it – I recently went to Common Decency, the NoMad’s newest cocktail bar, and had their Baked Clams, and I haven’t stopped talking about them since. They’re baked with parmesan, brioche, and smoked bacon – and I’m a cheese and bread person who loves shellfish; I went for the cocktails and stayed for the clams (and more cocktails). 

Window or aisle seat?

WINDOW! I love looking out at what’s happening, and as an Instagram devotee through and through, I obviously can’t resist the out-of-the-window shot (#todaysoffice).

What are the three essential things in your carry-on, and where to next?

Whatever I’m reading (currently: It Ends With Us, recommended by Mikayla, and the internet!), noise-canceling headphones & lemon sherberts so my ears don’t pop because, apparently, I’m eighty-three.

The snow has finally arrived in Europe, so I’m heading to Méribel in the French Alps skiing in March – see you in the Ronnie?