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8 Reasons Why Public Relations Is Important

Wondering why public relations is important? The experts at RHC share the top reasons why PR isn't just beneficial—it's essential for big and small brands alike.

Earned Attention

PR exists to help you earn the media coverage you deserve. An earned media placement is a credible third-party endorsement, which your audience trusts more than a paid advertisement. We secure media placements and help convert the awareness generated into ROI.

Your Right to Reputation

PR helps build reputations, separating the outstanding from the mediocre. We work with brands to create and communicate core messaging and express unique selling points and ethos. We position brands, and the people behind them, as experts in their respective fields and place them at the forefront of their industry.

Fight for Brand Visibility

PR champions your cause above all others. We remind the media that you exist. We fight for competitive editorial space, online content, and time slots on broadcast television, ensuring your brand is not just featured but featured correctly. In a highly saturated and ever-evolving media landscape, we make sure your brand cuts through the clutter.

Making News

PR understands what makes the news. Journalists have a unique way of seeing the world. They only have time to listen to targeted, relevant, and newsworthy story ideas. We know what, when, and how journalists want to receive information and, most importantly, what they will and won’t cover. 

Media Experience

PR is all about who you know and how you treat them. We have cultivated an army of media contacts, tastemakers, and creative partners to amplify a brand’s mission across a broad, engaged audience. We build, nurture, and elevate relationships with journalists and partners who could be an asset to your mission—creating a special bond with the media and ensuring they take notice when your news hits. In a world of 280 characters and fleeting images, we believe this rapport is the secret to our success.

Arm Your Troops

PR is there with you on the frontline. We critically assess risk, anticipate actions and reactions, communicate effectively, and ensure that brands are ahead of the curve. We will be your first point of contact in a crisis. Pulling from decades of experience, we have the foresight to know best practices and understand the unique challenges of our constantly evolving society. We help train your team to speak to the media and handle crisis communications, ensuring coverage for your brand at all times.

Always-On Resource

PR never rests. Industry updates, legal matters, journalists’ beats, and many other cultural elements are relentlessly evolving. We act as an anchor in our core industries, allowing us to become an always-on, real-time resource. PR is agile, letting you act swiftly and react to outside circumstances. We focus on consistency and creativity in media relations. Most importantly, we keep our brands in the news.

Future Success

Public relations is important because exposure leads to endless opportunities. PR tells the world about you. With constant exposure—be it with influencers, journalists, customers, and even employees—PR can drive new economic partnerships and success for your business.