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Family-Friendly Travel for the Harshest Critics

Traveling with kids can be daunting, whether you're a first timer or a regular. Publicist Charlotte speaks to RHC’s network of expert voyagers--and tiny captains in training--have tried-and-true insight to make the most out of your next family trip.

Vacation is a welcome respite from the everyday. Whether traveling far for novel adventures or unwinding at a familiar favorite, vacations allow us time and space to reconnect. Meditative reflections inquiring deep within your innermost self, such as wondering “what do I want from life? My career? My lunch?” feel especially profound over a freshly shaken cocktail and views that you had been admiring through Pinterest for months.

Yet no introspective trance is exempt from interruption—especially when traveling with kids. Even the most remote corners of the world cannot escape the eternal “what’s for dinner?” However difficult, the trials of traveling with children are rooted just as much in the human condition, from the terrible twos to the tense tweens. Everyone, regardless of their stage of development, is bound to get cranky on an empty stomach, especially with a heavy suitcase in hand or in a discombobulating environment. The unique challenges of family travel pale in comparison to its invaluable benefits: engaging with more of the world expands minds, encourages curiosity and strengthens communication skills. And when feet land back on the schoolyard, this passion for learning and exploring can improve their grades. RHC’s network of expert voyagers–and tiny captains in training–have tried-and-true insight to make the most out of your next family trip.

A leader in curating remarkable experiences as the founder of Black Tomato, Tom Marchant has the inside scoop all the way from building itineraries to alleviating meltdowns. Inviting kids to participate in the planning process creates a more enjoyable experience for the whole family, Marchant advises, as “allowing children to let their interests guide the trip improves their engagement and energy level while increasing the educational component that is present in any travel experience.” When actively traveling, Marchant recommends that families keep routines as consistent as possible, such as “having a child’s favorite snacks or planning alternate methods of transportation for children who experience car sickness” in order to maintain elements of established comforts. 

Chrissy Fichtl, founder of APOTHEKE, is dedicated to celebrating life’s simple moments. When traveling with her family of four, Chrissy embraces the joy of cultural immersion and visits Argentina, her husband Sebastian’s home country, at least two weeks a year. In addition to antiques, empanadas, alfajores and the world’s greatest ice cream in Buenos Aires, they experience the Cordobés countryside during stays on the working farm of Sebastian’s family in San Javier. On a recent trip, Chrissy, Sebastian and their two daughters got to speak Spanish, explore the mountainside vineyards and live alongside their extended family on the farm for two weeks. Beyond the desirable contrast between overcast, blustery New York City and the verdant sierras of Argentina, visits such as these nurture connections to family, homeland and the diversity of the world’s beauty. 

You can choose your travels, but you sure can’t choose your family. The choice to embark on a journey with the whole crew in tow may necessitate particular considerations, but its delights are unforgettable. The world through the eyes of a child can be magical. The opportunity to share more of it, together, can bring the family closer in unimaginable ways. After all, the space between “what do I want from life?” and “what’s for dinner?” proves itself to be one and the same when the family is gathered around the table over a spectacular meal and tales from the day’s adventures.