Caviar Contention?

With Grub Street declaring caviar ordinary, what little luxury will diners be vying for next? We're ask the team their thoughts on the edible frill for 2024.

New York’s caviar craze doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. Diners can find the “little luxury” atop almost everything – from potatoes in all forms, to buckets of fried chicken, and even posh martinis. A recent article in Grub Street, however, suggests that perhaps the luxe garnish is losing its prestige and becoming just an “upsell.” 

While the RHC team can’t get enough caviar (don’t @ us), we’re curious: is there a new Insta-worthy, culinary delicacy that diners should be vying for? We’re diving into a few show-stopping alternatives that, we think, could be the next big thing…

Gold Dust

At Saint Neri in Buffalo, the bar’s dessert menu imitates art in one of the most luxurious forms. The piece-de-resistance is a 24k gold chocolate budino dessert, which combines chocolate and sweet whipped cream with cherry, pistachio praline, and finally, a sprinkling of gold.

Pickled Vegetables

They sound simple, however presented in the right form, pickled vegetables can be an absolute game-changer. Take Cafe de Nadie, the Mexico City hotspot that popped up at El Nico this month, who presented martinis in a beautiful bowl filled to the brim with ice and an array of delicious pickled vegetables for guests to adorn their martinis with.

Heaps of Potatoes

Fried & crispy potatoes (in all shapes and sizes) will never go out of style. At Revelie, Soho’s buzzy day-to-night luncheonette, classic chips, crinkle-cuts, and sweet potato fries are made in house and served in heaps on top of BLTs and Lobster Rolls. 


This understated Japanese spice mix is made up of chili, nori, sesame seeds, and a multitude of other vibrant ingredients. Added to dishes, it’s an easy, zesty, and eye-catching garnish. At Holiday Bar, you can find it sprinkled over ricotta, while at Milady’s, it’s the finishing touch for the bar’s smoked salmon and hash browns.

Thoughts? Feelings? Feedback? Taking submissions for caviar 2.0, the edible frill of 2024, “the next big thing” via Instagram DMs. Talk to us. And for what it’s worth, we can’t see this ‘ordinary’ option going anywhere fast. Waiter? Yes, another bump please.