Per L’Ora

Located within Downtown Los Angeles’ Hotel Per La, Per L’Ora is the hotel’s neighborhood restaurant, introducing Italian cuisine through a lens of Los Angeles culture and flavors. With spirited, easy-going Italian light bites and dishes, Per L’Ora offers an inviting space, evoking the comforting familiarity of feeling at home, while anchored in restaurant traditions of an old-school lobby rendered with a modern twist.

The main dining area features a light color palate, with early-aughts inspired design elements favored by organic, elegant forms, such as airy linens and botanical patterns, with relaxed slipcovered seating and a racetrack-shaped communal dining table in punchy marigold balancing function and glamour. The bar of the restaurant acts as a dramatic centerpiece, with a custom-made marble top in shades of green, grey, and white, and globe- shaped light fixtures, while custom white plasterwork on the front of the bar offers a new sense of texture.