Le Moné

Le Moné is a citrus aperitif made with Meyer lemon and other citrus botanicals in the Finger Lakes of NY. The aperitif has a part wine, part spirit base — with the wine coming from 100% New York grapes, and the spirit providing a gentle warmth. The acidity is balanced with a restrained sweetness, provided by organic agave. Le Moné was founded by Eric Bachli and Max Nevins, the duo met while they were both at Sixpoint Brewery, where Max was the VP of Marketing and Eric was the Brewmaster. They designed it to be an American aperitif, with a unique lemon profile, ideal for the classic aperitif drinking occasion. The flagship expression is the Meyer Lemon and can be used to make the signature Le Moné Spritz, made simply of equal parts Le Moné & Prosecco over ice.