Camparino in Galleria

Camparino in Galleria is the birthplace of aperitivo, Milano style, and the proud home of Campari. This legendary establishment, overlooking Piazza Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, masterfully blends the rich history of the past with the vibrant energy of the present. Since its inception in 1915 by Davide Campari, son of Campari founder Gaspare Campari, Camparino has remained an integral part of Milanese cocktail culture for over a century, with Tommaso Cecca, head of mixology currently leading the team. Its Bar di Passo is a true icon, celebrating the traditional world-renowned cocktails like the Campari Seltz and the Negroni that are synonymous with the Campari brand. Visitors will also discover Sala Spiritello, a more intimate experience, enriched by unique food pairings that perfectly complement the handcrafted innovative drinks inspired by Campari classics. And for those fortunate enough to hear about it, the exclusive Sala Gaspare Campari has recently opened. Camparino has been recognized by the World’s 50 Best Bar Awards in 2021 and 2022.

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