Where Team RHC Will Travel in 2021

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Where We’re Traveling in 2022

After a quiet couple of years, these are the destinations we're looking forward to exploring most in 2022.



Rachel: I know this may seem a bit ho-hum, but I am dying to get back to the Cayman Islands. My sister lives there with her husband and two children, and they are the light of my life. It has been so hard being away from them for so long. I usually spend most of January there at The Heritage Club, and January 2022 will be my first time back since the pandemic. I love the Cayman Islands and all it has to offer as well. I run on seven-mile, I paddleboard, and I will never tire of starfish point and stingray city. The Kimpton Hotel there is my happy place, and I know so many people that work there. It’s kind of like a second home, and I can not wait to get back to see my family and extended family.



Amanda: We had to cancel our trip to Italy last summer, so I’m hoping we can make it there in 2022. I’ve been trying to get to Sardinia for years, so hopefully, I’ll soon see those white sandy beaches. We need something to look forward to!

Nick: Pre-pandemic, I visited Italy every year. I was lucky enough to go three times in 2019, which has made an absence of travel slightly less sad. I can’t wait to resume my mission to visit all three Il Pelicano Hotels. So far, I’ve visited La Posta Vecchia near Rome. Next up is Mezzatore Hotel in Ischia (which I’ve wanted to visit since the first time I saw The Talented Mr. Ripley), leading up to Il Pelicano in Porto Ercole, which was made famous by Slim Aarons’ camera in the 1970s.



Megan: I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Europe while I was in college, and out of every country and place I visited, I never made it to Greece. When it’s safe and possible to travel there, I’d love to spend some time in Mykonos before working my way around the country.

Jill: Greece has been at the top of my bucket list for quite some time now, especially Santorini. The cerulean waters have been calling my name, and I love good seafood. Hopefully, I’ll get there in 2022!



Georgia: I’ve been enjoying learning about (and tasting!) skin contact wine, and Georgia is the oldest winemaking country in the world. I can’t wait to travel through the stunning countryside, visit Georgian vineyards, and enjoy all the food, particularly Khachapuri.

The Azores


Daniel: The thought of jetting off to a tiny volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic, miles from the rest of civilization, couldn’t be more appealing. I’ve been thinking about the picturesque Portuguese archipelago for some time, and I have a feeling 2022 might be the year. With wine, seafood, and the salty scent of the ocean wafting through the window, how can you go wrong?

Southeast Asia


Cass: My antidote to the last couple of years would be a tour of Southeast Asia. After learning how to drive a motor scooter, I can’t wait to ride off into the sunset. Must-visit hotels include Raya Heritage in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Potato Head and Nihi Sumba in Indonesia. They’re all exceptionally designed and doing important work in their local communities.



Ilana: My partner and I had to cancel our trip to the Pacific Northwest in March 2020. Exploring the area in 2022 would be a dream. I’ve had the opportunity to experience the magic of Sonoma County, and I’ve wanted to return ever since. Exceptional food and wine being the main drivers, I love that you can also experience many types of terrain, from the quaint towns and miles of vineyards to the Redwood forests and Sonoma coast. While we’re in the area, we’d also like to visit Seattle, which would be a first for both of us.

Paige: I had a trip planned last November, and I had to cancel last-minute due to the uncertainty of the pandemic. I’ve never been to the West Coast, and I’m so excited to make it out there in 2022 finally.



Sacha: “There are still so many parts of the country I’d love to visit, but Hawaii has been at the top of my list. One of my clients is from Hawaii, and her passion for the islands makes me want to visit ASAP. After a whistlestop tour of LA en-route, priorities will be learning to surf, sunbathing, and hiking.”