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RHC Recommends: National Tequila Day 

We’re professional recommendation makers, of course we have thoughts on how you should celebrate National Tequila Day. Account manager Val Sampson tells us what to drink and where to drink ‘em if you’re celebrating agave come July 24th.

Tequila is one of the world’s most fascinating spirits, with a protected designation of origin, it can only be produced in specific regions of Mexico, including Jalisco and parts of Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas. It is made from the blue agave plant, primarily grown in the region surrounding the city of Tequila in the state of Jalisco. The piña, which is the heart of the agave plant, is used to make it. In simple terms, tequila is made from baked, crushed, and fermented piñas. There are many different varieties of tequila, but the four traditional expressions include: blanco (otherwise known as white or silver); reposado (rested tequila) and añejo (aged). This spectrum of varieties make the spirit approachable for diehard fans of historically more common spirits like vodka and whiskey. 

A far cry from the cheap shots you tasted at college, tequila has become one of the most sophisticated spirits on the market; its sales are even projected to eclipse vodka – America’s current top-selling spirit – by 2025. Celeb endorsements and a growing appreciation and awareness for Mexican culture are said to be contributing to the sustained growth and popularity of the spirit… plus it’s absolutely delicious, of course. 

So without further adieu, we’ve rounded up our top picks for bottles, cocktails and everything in between so you can taste the very best of tequila this National Tequila Day. Salud!

Bottles to Buy

For the Sustainable Drinker Mijenta Tequila

Mijenta is a multi-award-winning, additive-free, sustainable tequila from the highlands of Jalisco that celebrates the traditions of Mexican culture. Made with only the best ingredients and a meticulous distilling process, Mijenta comprises the essentials of a truly well-crafted tequila: complex, balanced, and gastronomic. With community and sustainability at the heart of its mission, Mijenta is the first tequila producer to earn B Corp certification, and it’s always the first tequila I reach for at the liquor store. – Tanya Khorti, Junior Publicist

For Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson FansTeremana Tequila

Founded by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Teremana Tequila is an ultra-premium, small-batch tequila. Having always dreamed of creating his own tequila that was of high quality, delicious, and affordable for everyone, Dwayne was involved in the production of Teremana from day one; from meeting with one of the few remaining family of tequila distillers in Mexico to sipping through 113 different distillations before landing on the final liquid, to adding his own personal touches to the bottle and label design of Teremana. That type of dedication coupled with its excellent taste (and the fact it’s affordable!), it’s a no-brainer for me. – Valerie Sampson, Account Manager

For the Diehard Tequila DrinkerEl Tequileño

Regarded as “Mexico’s Best Kept Secret,” El Tequileño is an award-winning ultra-premium tequila with its roots in Tequila, MX dating back to 1959. Renowned for its exceptional quality, El Tequileño’s variety of expressions makes the perfect choice for any National Tequila Day celebratory cocktails and neat sips. Under the guidance of third-generation master distiller Jorge Antonio Salles, the family’s legacy continues on through the passion and heritage that goes into every drop. – Alex Reinold, Junior Publicist

Sips to Savor

For Those Looking for a Fan Favourite – Sergeant Pepper, Side Hustle at NoMad London

If you’re looking for an excellently-made tequila cocktail, I think you really can’t beat Leo Robitschek’s team and their menu at Side Hustle in London. And in particular, their Sergeant Pepper. Dangerously drinkable in the best way, it’s spicy, savoury and a little bit sweet, made with green pepper, pineapple, coriander and jalapeño. At any one time you can probably find at least one going out, and we hear it has some famous fans as well. – Lauren Webster, Managing Partner

For Those Seeking a Sublime RefresherBarracuda, The Rum House

Located in the heart of Midtown, The Rum House is widely recognized as one of the best cocktail bars in New York City, with a variety of options to choose from. To kick off the Summer, I recommend their Barracuda – with a mix of tequila, peach liqueur, and citrus, this cocktail is vibrant and refreshing, making it the perfect way to beat the heat. – Lilya Weisberg, Junior Publicist 

For the Aperol Spritz LoyalistPompelmo, Saint Theo’s

With summer finally here, there is no better place to enjoy a Pompelmo cocktail than at Saint Theo’s. Made with refreshing grapefruit, tequila, and Aperol, it’s absolutely my drink of choice on their outdoor patio to enjoy this gorgeous NYC weather. – Ava Buchwald, Junior Publicist

For the Music FanaticHot N’ Bothered, RT60 Rooftop Bar & Lounge at Hard Rock Hotel New York

Everyone knows that summer in New York City is hot, but what they might not know yet is that it’s also bothered. RT60’s “Hot N’ Bothered cocktail combines green chartreuse, lime, and Volcan Tequila to create a drink that both packs a punch and leaves you refreshed, making it my sip of the summer. – Zoe Allen, Junior Publicist

Books to Binge

For the Boozy BibliophileThe Tequila Ambassador V.O.

Tomas Estes is one of the most influential bar industry icons of our time, his work in Tequila and in bringing Mexican culture to Europe was so groundbreaking that he was recognized by the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry, (C.N.I.T.) as an official ambassador for the spirit. This book not only documents his incredible life and legacy but also contains interviews with the most important people in the category, a vast collection of cocktail recipes, and a brilliant blend of history and education on the spirit. – Sacha Bell, Senior Vice President