Recapping the Fourth-Annual Bar Convent Brooklyn

Read on for some highlights from the event.

If you missed this year’s Bar Convent Brooklyn, don’t worry – we have you covered. Read on for some highlights from the event.

The fourth-annual Bar Convent Brooklyn took place on June 14-15 at its new Industry City home in Brooklyn, New York. The intimate nature of the show makes it easy to get up close and personal with some of the industry’s most unique spirited offerings and education sessions from renowned global experts, making it an event you don’t ever want to miss.

There’s no doubt that Bar Convent Brooklyn showed up in a big way for its 2022 show. With 163 exhibitors showcasing over 50 new products debuting and over 3,800 attendees sampling more than 300,000 drinks and spirits across two days, the show was more extensive than ever.


BCB is always looking for ways to improve, and at this year’s show, they did just that. In addition to the 36 panels and tasting demonstrations they curated, BCB had a brand-new Head of Education: Lynnette Marrero.

Transparency was a big theme at this year’s event. During the Lost in Transformation session, Briana Volk, Mika Ammunet, and Andrew Volk spoke about the importance of being vocal about the “why” of your business model. It adds a level of respect within your community, but it also shows your patrons why prices rise, such as increased staff benefits, wages, and equity, and how that leads to better service. Not only is transparency integral to customers, but it also applies to a company’s staff and employees.


We don’t know about you, but we’re always excited to hear ways to make business practices greener. And one that caught our eyes and ears was adopting a farm-to-glass model. During his A Farm To Glass Model seminar, Alex Francis explored this, where he helped spearhead the globally renowned cocktail bar Little Red Door to a farm-to-table model. 

This new approach to the restaurant ecosystem could fulfill the needs of various players, from restaurateurs to farmers. In addition, adopting a model where all goods come from local suppliers boosts the local economy and fosters long, meaningful relationships that circle back to the table. While you’d need to sacrifice some cocktail menu ingredients due to what’s grown locally and seasonality, there are ways to make up those flavors using experimentation. Following this plan can help reduce carbon emissions. 

Especially exciting was how BCB reduced its footprint and increased waste reduction efforts. One example is their collaborative effort with Barr Hill Gin distillery to offset 100% of 73,000 square feet of the venue’s footprint and Trees for the Future planting initiatives. Barr Hill will facilitate the planting and maintaining of 73,000 square feet of new pollinator habitat. The new habitat will provide a life source for bees, creating a third of all agricultural products used in the bar and beverage industry. These are just a few ways that Bar Convent Brooklyn 2022 is making an impactful change.

First Look at New Spirits 

BCB showcased some fantastic new products like the Croatian herbal liqueur by Antique Pelinkovac and a dual origin gin, Las Californias, which hails from the regions spanning Baja to the mountains of Sierra Nevada. BCB attendees could sample these new spirits while learning about production methods directly from the visionaries behind these brands.

Cocktails Made With The Best, By The Best

Of course, one of the best highlights is enjoying incredible cocktails made by some of the best bartenders in the world, all in one place.

An Italian favorite, Amaro Montenegro, brought three master mixologists to their booth this year: Kevin Diedrich (Pacific Cocktail Haven), Meaghan Dorman (Dear Irving and Raines Law Room), and Travis Tober (Nickel City). First, the three took on our nostalgia and taste buds with their modern takes on classic cocktails, like a Dr. Pepper-style negroni made with Amaro Montenegro. Next, iichiko had the crowd buzzing with coffee cocktails using iichiko Saiten at their booth. Finally, the dream bartender team from Aldama whipped up agave cocktails with Teremana tequila, ensuring a constant lineup of attendees wanting to take a sip. 

Bar Convent not only provides an inclusive trade show that caters to attendees and exhibitors alike, but it has also created a community of industry professionals within the craft spirits world. It inspires new ideas and innovations and generates new opportunities and excitement for the industry. We can’t wait for next year!