Madame George

Opened in October of 2022, Madame George is a 4,400-square-foot subterranean cocktail lounge offering guests a unique and inspired cocktail experience. Curated by Beverage Director Marshall Minaya, the beverage menu is inspired by New York City through the ages, referencing historic and prolific cocktail culture and refreshed using modern techniques.

Since the release of Van Morrison’s beguiling, deeply atmospheric 1968 masterpiece, “Madame George,” the song’s protagonist has inspired fascination. Who was Madame George, exactly? The song drops hints of a vision in clicking high-heeled shoes, wreathed in heady perfume, gazing at her admirers, But her identity remains an alluring mystery. She’s an apt inspiration for this sultry, visually stunning subterranean cocktail bar. Like Van Morrison’s muse, the space defies easy categorization – but thoroughly seduces.

Though filled with individual pieces that nod to particular places and time periods, the ingenious commingling of these elements manages to create something completely new. A place vaguely nostalgic, yet original; comforting, yet provocative – and like its namesake muse, a captivating mystery.