Harry’s New York Bar

Inspired by iconic New York City culture, Harry’s New York Bar reimagines city traditions with a contemporary flair. The space is accented with rugged, natural materials and walls are lined with classic vinyls and portraits of New York City icons. As guests dine, they are serenaded by old school melodies played on a record player. Pushing back on the boundaries of classic cocktails, the martini-forward menu shares the spotlight with worldly ingredients and natural botanicals. House-made tinctures and shrubs are paired with specialty gins and vodkas, inviting guests to explore new flavors touching the farthest reaches of the globe. The  bar features a thoughtfully curated array of spirits – both unique and rare, yet approachable – such as port cask aged-bourbon, coffee-infused blended Scotch, and locally-distilled rye, designed to blur the lines of familiar and new. For a more elevated touch, an extensive list of rare champagnes is on standby.

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