Coconut Cartel

Coconut Cartel’s quality comes from decades of top tier craftsmanship, fermentation and distilling methods, and a world class aging house in Guatemala. Its innovation, however, is in their proprietary proofing process. They age their rum distillate in new, charred American White oak for up to 12 years. Instead of using filtered water to bring the cask strength rum down to bottle proof (40% ABV), we alternatively use fresh, locally sourced coconut water as our proofing agent. The natural minerals, sugars and salts found in coconut water smoothen the blend and add a unique viscosity to the rum, making it incredibly smooth and refreshing to sip. Coconut Cartel Special combines traditional, old school rum artistry and new school innovation. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind rum that appeals to a wide spectrum of consumers.