Amaro Montenegro

With a secret recipe remaining unchanged since its creation 136 years ago, Amaro Montenegro is an Italian bitter herbal liqueur first concocted in the 19th-century in Bologna, Italy. Traditionally served as a digestif, it features the essence of 40 botanicals from around the globe.

  • Public Relations

The Campaign: Amore for Amaro

There are many ways to enjoy a digestif, but Italian tradition recommends a post-dinner tipple following a fruitful meal with family and friends. RHC works with key consumer and trade press to create meaningful storylines for Amaro Montenegro, placing the product at the core of the Italian way of life.

Case Study: Bar Monte x Nobleman Magazine Art Basel Event

In the swarm of events to choose from during Art Basel, why not party at Madonna's former mansion? RHC coordinated Amaro Montenegro's traveling bar, Bar Monte, to be the featured event sponsor at Nobleman Magazine's Art Basel Event, and dish out delicious cocktails all evening. Alongside other premium luxury brands like Chopard and Clase Azul, Miami's most glamorous sipped on Amaro Montenegro.


Bar Monte’s presence at the event led to a half-page feature in Nobleman Magazine’s print issue, as well as exposure to key media at top-tier publications.